Pride 48 is a free resource for GLBT or GLBT-friendly content producers. Independent producers can connect to the Pride 48 server and stream live shows. Each year, podcasters cooperate in producing a marathon of 48 hours of live-streaming shows. It began during LGBT Pride weekend in 2009.

I did two live episodes of AmeriNZ Podcast in the 2009 marathon. My partner Nigel was my special guest, and we were joined by others over Skype. I later posted recorded versions of those podcasts. The following month, we were back for another live show, AmeriNZ 165 – AmeriNZ LIVE, which was two hours long. We also joined the “After Show” of another podcaster.

I took over as Host for the 2010 marathon and worked on the scheduling of shows. I was part of the opening and closing shows that year, and I again did an episode of my own podcast with my partner, Nigel.

In 2011, we did something completely different: Podcasters gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, to share joint podcasting facilities. While I was unable to attend, I still acted as Host and I coordinated all the podcasts for people who, like me, were unable to be there, wherever they were located in the world. I also again took part in the opening and closing shows. My own show featured the return of Paul, a podcaster who had been “off air” for quite some time, and who later became co-host with me of Arthur and Paul Talk.

In 2012, I was again technically a co-host, though I was no longer the “public face” of Pride 48. Nevertheless, I again coordinated the scheduling of podcasts streaming from outside of Las Vegas. Due to high demand for timeslots, I decided not to do a live show of my own so that someone else could have my timeslot and we could fit in everyone who wanted to take part—there were a lot of new participants! I was part of the opening and closing shows again, but otherwise didn’t take part in any show.

Apart from the annual marathons, I also did some live shows of my own. In September, 2009, I began a live group show on most Thursdays USA time (Friday in New Zealand). In March 2010, I began alternating with another podcaster. In April 2010, I ended my scheduled live AmeriNZ Podcasts. I resumed doing live shows from August to November, 2011, before ending them again as the holidays drew near. I don’t plan to resume doing live shows on Pride 48.

Meanwhile, Pride 48’s live podcasting events for 2013 are being planned right now.

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