“Parade of Podcasts” updated

I changed my blogroll for podcasts (on the righthand side, below, called “Parade of Podcasts”). I used a service called “Blogrolling”, but that went offline, basically, October 24 and I haven’t been able to access it to add, delete or change anything since then.

So, I re-typed everything and did the HTML coding myself, which means there may be typos. The links are to those who link to me, or ones that don’t but I like them anyway. If you link to me, but I don’t have you listed, let me know! The omission isn’t on purpose. If you want me to link to you, let me know that, too; I’m always happy to trade links.

Later on, I’ll add a blogroll for blogs, but first things first.

Update 10/01/08: I’ve added blogs to the Blogroll on the lefthand side of this site, called “Bevy of Blogs”. As with podcasts, I have links to sites that link to me or that don’t but I like anyway.