AmeriNZ 211 – Finding Things

amerinz_podcast_150x150I’m back, after a VERY busy time. In today’s episode, I talk about some things we found.

First, there’s the new addition to the family, Bella. I tell you about her, and how she came to live with us. Then it’s on to something I mentioned in my last regular episode: A store in Auckland that sells imported American products. I also have a story from the news and tell you about some video podcasts I’m working on and will be posting soon.

Archerr will do a live group show on Pride 48 starting at 8:00pm Eastern North American time on Thursday, April 15 (Noon Friday, April 16 New Zealand time). You can also join other listeners in the chatroom, where you can also ask questions or make comments as the show is streamed. I’ll be back as host the following week.

Links for this episode
The sister act – My blog post on Bella’s arrival.
Things you miss and then find – About our trip to Martha’s Backyard.
Tasting memories – Some of my reactions to what we bought.

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