An important announcement

I’ll continue doing live shows on Pride 48, despite the end of My Honey Wears Plaid, but the shows will now begin at 8pm Eastern (in the Americas).

This week will be something very different (after a suggestion from Wes Stone of the Live It Up! podcast): I’m hosting a Pride 48 Town Meeting on what we as a podcasting community—podcasters and listeners alike—can do to help prevent suicides among GLBT youth. Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” Project is a great idea, and UKThom is putting together a video made by Pride 48 folks.

But what about those of us who primarily do audio? What can we do as podcasters and—especially—what can we do using Pride 48? We have the ability to reach many people, what’s the best way to use that?

So put on your thinking caps, jot down some ideas, and join us on Pride 48 at 8PM EDT this coming Thursday, October 7, 2010 (Friday, October 8 at 1PM New Zealand time).