AmeriNZ 238 – Stop thinking in bumper stickers

This show was recorded live on Pride 48, with guests Daniel Brewer, Brother Cinaedus, Veritable Virgo and my husband Nigel.

What does a bad knee have in common with politics? Daniel launches the discussion with that, and we get into a bigger discussion of what’s wrong with US politics, and people’s attitudes toward it, what needs to happen, and more. We even look at some specific races and issues surrounding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

I’ll be back for another AmeriNZ LIVE podcast on Pride 48 Thursday, November 4 at 8:00pm EDT (Americas, 1:00pm Friday, November 5 in NZ). I’m going to try a different mic next time—and I’ll start making these shorter, too.

Links for this episode
Daniel is co-host of Live It Up! Podcast
Veritable Virgo’s site
Brother Cinaedus’ post on following Pride 48 Audioboos
The Third Colony – Nigel will be hosting on Saturday, October 30 at 9pm.

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