AmeriNZ 239 – Fifteen

Today is my 15th expataversary and anniversary, so I talk about that first. Then, updates to a couple topics I’ve talked about on the podcast before I move on to the main topic today: Comments. They’ve piled up a bit, so today I clear out the inbox. You’ll see why I NEVER use a written script. Yeah, that’s a good thing. Still, that lets me comment on a bunch of different stuff. Finally, I tell you a bit about the transition to the new Auckland.

Join me for the next AmeriNZ LIVE podcast on Pride 48, scheduled for Thursday, November 4 at 8:00pm EDT Americas (1:00pm Friday, November 5 NZ time). This is subject to change, however.

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 239 – Fifteen

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  2. Working theory: Obama’s “natural” reserve is a function of not wanting to be an “angry black man”, not just in 2008, but for a couple decades. In other words, your theory and mine are NOT mutually exclusive.

    As a business librarian, and even before that, I just never warmed up to “partner” for romantic relations, popular with my unmarried hetero friends as well as my gay friends. Then again, I hated “lover”, “boyfriend”, “girlfriend”, “significant other”, “POSSLQ”, “honey”, “stud muffin”, “old man”, “old lady” as well. In other words, I hated ALL the options, including “husband” or “wife”; unless it were true. I’ve discovered that unmarried heteros also use the spousal terms, and that also made me cranky.

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