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This show was recorded live on Pride 48. I had no guests at first, so it basically starts as a normal episode that I recorded live. I begin by talking about the US television series “Glee” which leads me talk about two teen lesbians in Melbourne, Australia, who were banned from their school ball. I think things really are getting better. A high-profile NZ TV celebrity has come out. I’m kinda meh! about politics these days, but I talk a bit about some quasi-political things I got up to here in New Zealand.

Veritable Virgo joins me part way through (22:49). I screwed up and forgot to hijack the Skype conversation, but I edited out the one-sided recording before I fixed it. Once I did, we talked a bit about television, lots of meta stuff and, well, just stuff. Oddly, my sound quality improved once I added the Skype call.

My next AmeriNZ LIVE podcast on Pride 48 is scheduled for Thursday, November 25 — Thanksgiving Day. So, my next planned live show will be Thursday, December 9 at 8:00pm EDT (Americas, 2:00pm Friday, December 10 in NZ). Catch Veritable Virgo next Thursday, November 18, for his show on Pride 48. He alternates Thursdays with me.

Nigel will be hosting The Third Colony LIVE on Saturday, November 13 at 9pm EST (Americas; 3pm Sunday, November 14 in NZ) on Go to for chatroom and listening instructions.

Links for this episode
Lesbian couple banned from Melbourne ball
Alison Mau comes out: “Yes, I’m bisexual”
Veritable Virgo’s site

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