AmeriNZ 246 – Home truths

I start today with a couple items from the news in this part of the world: A major cyclone about to hit Queensland and also the NZ prime minister has just announced the date of the 2011 NZ elections. But the main topic, about NZ houses, was inspired by a phone message. Comments, and my responses, are extensive (which I always like).

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Key confirms election dateNZ Herald
HRV – the ventilation system I mentioned

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5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 246 – Home truths

  1. The DC Area switched over to heat pumps in new construction and renovations in the 1970’s due to a lot of lobbying money being poured into the industry developers. When our building, which was built in 1865, was renovated in 1980 and turned into a 4 unit Condo building from the original 5000 square foot single family home, they removed the natural gas lines from the building and installed heat pumps. Unfortunately, the DC area is just on the line of winter/summer temperatures where heat pumps are really effective and as a result, they don’t work so well here during extreme temperatures. My last electric bill was over $400 to keep the house at a comfortable temperature of 70 degrees. I looked at having gas put back into the building, but it would cost over $5000 to tear up the street and sidewalk to run the gas lines into the house and also require tearing out drywall and lots of piping installation, including venting a furnace outside to the back of the building.

    So we are kind of stuck and just live with what we have.

  2. Interesting re: heat. We don’t use heating. Well I have an electric blanket, and we have a couple oil space heaters, which I get angry if JR uses, wasteful! So we’re mostly at the mercy of the weather. Actually tons of businesses don’t have heating or a/c here. Are the houses your looking at more pedestrian friendly so you could walk more. Although, hills can be good for views and stairway walks are something I like.

  3. Hey Arthur , I love hearing your voice on your podcast!!!!!!!!! I always told you that you have an “announcer’s ” voice and there’s always been a radio and news person inside of you 😀 — well I miss you in Chicago and I’m sorry I missed your birthday!!! so happy belated Birthday!!!!! — keep up the great work podcasting!!!! Reid says Hi !!!

  4. Do you have ‘whole house’ heat pumps? When I lived in Springfield IL my two bedroom townhouse had a heat pump. It had an auxiliary feature that would help in very cold weather. We had a municipal power company with lower rates and my bill usually ran about $50/mo from Sept through april.
    I’d never heard of ‘one room’ heat pumps until I heard your podcast.

  5. The wife keeps the heat lower at night than I would like. Heck, probably colder than SHE would like, since she complained of a cold nose in our bedroom recently.
    For me , it’s a particular drag, because about 50% of the time, I’ll awaken in the middle of the night and check my e-mail or try to blog something.

    Oh, yeah, belated happy birthday. I was…distracted.

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