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Episode 94 is now available, and it’s free no matter where you get it from. You can listen to it or download it through the player at the bottom of this post, or subscribe for free through iTunes here (you must have the free iTunes player installed). You can also listen to it for free through the player on my MySpace page.

On today’s episode I tell you a bit about Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, and where I’ve lived for most of my years in New Zealand. There’s a lot to like about Auckland. But what are the two things I don’t like about it?

Then it’s on to a little discussion of gout, because I had an attack this week, the first in nearly two years. I tell you what it is, what causes it and what it’s like to endure an attack.

A catch-up with comments allows me to expand on some things I’ve talked about recently. I even tell you a bit about what I’ll be up to this weekend.

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Update 14 June 2008: Tonight I replaced the MP3 file on Podomatic, so if you subscribe through iTunes and got a corrputed episode, try deleting it and re-downloading (you may need to do this manually, as I described awhile back). It’s also time to change your subscription to the new feed,

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5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 94 – Auckland and stuff

  1. Was I having a seizure??? Or was there some skipage in this episode?

    Hopefully your gout resolves quickly…sounds horrid.

  2. The first time I download this episode, it download as 7 minutes or so. The second time was 39:38. Since your page shows 35 minutes, you should know that part of it jumps back in time, e.g. part of the comments I heard twice. Don’t know if I missed something.

    Big murder story in Albany. The victim was a 10-year-old girl, and the alleged shooter is 15:

  3. I take it back. I’m sure I DID miss something in the comments section, unless you stopped in mid-word. You were talking about getting the NZ job, and mentioned linking the computers all together. Whatever you said after that I didn’t hear.

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