Time to change feeds

As part of the change to my podcast hosting, it’s now time to change the feed you subscribe to. On June 20 (early June 19, USA time) I’ll be downgrading my Podomatic account from paid to free. Given all the problems with Podomatic lately, it’s entirely possible that it may become impossible to download my episodes hosted on Podomatic, at least in the short term.

All podcast episodes are listed here, and new ones are posted here first. So, to see if a new episode is posted, you can check here. While you’re here, you can subscribe to the RSS2 feed, as listed on the right-hand sidebar.

However, for best results—and to help protect you in case I move the host again—I suggest using my Feedburner feed:


To re-subscribe in iTunes, go to the “Advanced” menu, and go to the second item, “Subscribe to Podcast”, as shown below:

In the pop-up window that will open, enter the Feedburner address and click “OK”:

Your iTunes will then check for the most recent episode for this feed.

There will eventually be an option to subscribe through iTunes, and it’s possible the old feed will still work, so you may choose to wait. I’ll post a short test message sometime Friday morning (my time), which is another way you can tell if the iTunes feed is still working. As I said earlier, you can always check the new website to see if there have been any new episodes posted, and you can always listen to them online or manually download them. And, if I dump Podomatic completely, I’ll let you know first.

That’s it. Feel free to email me if this doesn’t make sense.


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