It’s a bumper holiday weekend edition! And by that I mean, it’s just longer than usual. I begin today by talking about the four-day Easter holiday weekend in New Zealand. We were robbed of a fifth holiday this weekend. Next, I talk a bit about our previous weekend.

My main topic today is an extensive NZ election update. First, I set the stage by describing the situation, before talking about polling and offer some opinions as to why it is as it is. When I talked about List candidates, I accidentally skipped over an important part. Do you know what it is?

Once again, phone and written comments let me expand on the issues discussed.

Join Nigel for his The Third Colony show on Saturday, April 23 at 9pm EDT (Americas; 1pm Sunday, April 24 NZ).

Links for this episode
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Key: We can’t help your price pain
Govt use of RNZAF aircraft doubles
Labour’s asset sales campaign runs into road rule problem

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