AmeriNZ 257 – Winter now

It’s winter, and a new season means some new changes, and I start with that. The deck is finished, which is good. I had some health news which was less good, but not horrible—yet. I decided I’d talk about that in case it’s of some help to someone else. From there, it’s updates on the natural disasters plaguing New Zealand, including news from today on the Christchurch earthquake. As part of that discussion, I play a clip from my other podcast, 2Political, in which I talked about liquefaction. Despite the serious subjects, I still manage a few giggles, of course.

Links for this episode
No snow: Mother Nature’s cruel blowNZ Herald on our mild winter
Raw video of the 6.0 aftershock – The video I posted to my blog that Roger and Jason were referring to
5100 lose homes, 10,500 in limboNZ Herald
2PP057 – 15 June 2011 – This is the episode of 2Political Podcast that I excerpted

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