AmeriNZ 258 – Stormy weather

I recorded this on Thursday and wasn’t going to post it—there were things I wanted to change. But today, Friday, I felt a little under the weather, and recording anything wasn’t going to happen. So, here it is, warts and all.

I begin today with an oddly prescient comment. Then, I talk a little about the stormy weather we’ve been having lately. My longest segment today is about the NZ elections, because I’ve recorded so little lately it’s kind of piled up.

After that, it’s on to voice messages and the topics they raise.

I was part of the panel on the first two episodes of “This Week in Gay” podcast.

I’ll be joining Nigel for his The Third Colony show on Saturday, July 16 at 9pm EDT (Americas; 1pm Sunday, July 17 NZT). Join us!

Links for this episode
Labour: We must own our own future – My blog post on Labour’s tax plan
This Week in Gay podcast – I was on the first two.

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