I was determined to post a second episode last week, but the fates did not allow. This episode was recorded on Thursday, November 10, 2011. I mostly mention a bit more about the upcoming NZ election, and also go over some feedback, which lets me talk about other topics. I borrowed a podcaster’s bumper music for this episode—and yet, it hasn’t been played on a single podcast. Ah, a cryptic riddle! While I won’t use the bumper again, I will explain the riddle next episode.

I recorded this last Thursday afternoon, then attempted to post it later that evening. However, FileZilla, my FTP software, suddenly couldn’t connect to this site (I have no idea why), so I tried to upload manually through the web, which I finally figured out how to do Friday morning (it’s been years since I’ve done that…). That also didn’t work. After some unhelpful customer non-service from my host, Nigel suggested different FTP software, Cybeduck, and that, finally worked. I still have no idea why FileZilla suddenly stopped working, or why I couldn’t upload through the webhost’s own website.

All of which just goes to show that I’m probably the single most dedicated podcaster who doesn’t podcast very regularly.

Link for this episode
Four new volcanoes found under Auckland
Blog: why Auckland’s quake was news – from last July
Polling bias among local pollsters? – via Sciblogs
Numbers and reality – from my blog
Opinion polling for the New Zealand general election, 2011 – Wikipedia

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