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Today’s episode is just me: I tell you about something I got in the mail, something about the new home of my podcast (, then it’s on to the comments I haven’t had time for lately.

Today’s episode starts with another country’s national anthem; what country is it? This will be my feature for July. And speaking of July features, today I also continue a shorter episode on Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 99 – Just Me

  1. Arthur, my dear, you know how much I love you. BUT, you used to be so proud of not talking about or whoring for iTunes reviews. What happened? (I know, your ego, as you said a bunch in this episode). It’s fine to talk about it once in a while, but you spent about 1/2 of the episode talking about it!!!

    I have a suggestion. Make the Tuesday shows ALL about iTunes reviews, and don’t say anything at all about it on the Friday shows. Then those of us who don’t want to hear about iTunes can just skip those shows! 😉

    (You know I love you despite your huge ego)

  2. Mark: Fret not: The ego has put back into its storage box. It’s not of much use to me in New Zealand, anyway.

    Archerr: Clearly I did. In fact, I exhausted it. All used up, um, for now, anyway…

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