Indefinite hiatus

The upload problem with this site still hasn’t been resolved. The site’s hosting company says it must be a problem with my firewall, even though there have been no changes to those settings, despite the fact that I was able to upload only a few days earlier, and despite the fact that even now I can upload to my other site hosted by the same company (and yes, I told them all that when I filed the incident report).

So, at the moment, I still can’t upload any new AmeriNZ Podcast episodes. Apparently, WordPress (which is what this site basically is) allows me to upload a file no larger than 8MB, which would be a very short episode. I haven’t tried that to see if it actually works or is similarly affected. I could also probably upload the audio files elsewhere and link to them here, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having this site.

Until this is resolved, or until I can change hosts (whichever comes first), the AmeriNZ Podcast is on an indefinite hiatus. If this continues more than a few days, I may try the methods I mentioned above, and I may put out a few Audioboos in the meantime (if you go to my Audioboo profile, there’s a button you can click on to subscribe to my Audioboos through iTunes; the RSS feed for my Audioboos is ).

I suppose there’s some sort of irony in that this all happened in week in which I was finally able to record two episodes. I just find it incredibly frustrating and annoying.


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