AmeriNZ 104 – Góða Ólavsøku

Today’s snack-sized episode begins with the final national anthem, that of the Faroe Islands because today is Ólavsøka. While I don’t speak Faroese, I see some similarity with other languages. So: How many other podcasters do YOU know who’ve mentioned Grimm’s Law? By the way, the title of this episode is in correct on my site, but the server doesn’t allow anything but basic characters in the MP3 filename. How rude!

The rest of this episode I update a few things, like a weather bomb that hit New Zealand this past weekend. Weather was bad, but we still did a few things. Comments let me expand on some of the things I said before, and add some new things.

Be sure to visit Kim Beaver’s Lodge!

Be back on Friday with another political podcast with Jason. There’ll be a special announcement, too.


5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 104 – Góða Ólavsøku

  1. So much information about Kim Beaver and her language. You’re so smart! Sorry you couldn’t put the correct title because of computer/mp3 crap.

    Sorry to hear about the bad weather! I hope it’s all better now. I hope you are feeling better too!

    Will NZ be moving to HD like the US in February?

  2. Excellent show today 🙂 Wow – you know more about the Faroe Islands than I do and as you know I have relatives there (quite removed!)
    Kim will be bouncing from joy and pride!!!!!
    Right now I am having fun with the translator programms you have on your site. Big fun, but although some things turn out weird, you can get the notion of what is meant. Amazing – like everything you do dear Arthur!

  3. Eric is so right…I know several people who have NEVER been outside of Texas and/or Oklahoma. In fact, when I met Jed HE had never been outside of Texas. I’ve since turned him into an international traveler! Now he LOVES to travel.

  4. Hi Arthur! Great episode! I loved hearing the bit about the Faroe Islands, and admit I don’t remember hearing about them before, much less knowing where they are.

    Also, comment on a comment- when I applied for spousal visa from NZ embassy in Wash DC (2005, have kiwi husband), we had been married 5 years but they did ask for some corroborating evidence such as bills in both our names, bank statements, etc. (As well as marriage cert and passports, birth certificates, all that.) So requirements may vary depending upon where you apply?

    Catching up on lots of your shows at once- they’ve been great – thank you for creating them!


  5. Archerr: It’s not that I’m smart but that I was lucky to have mostly really good teachers (and parents who valued learning). So, I learned how to find out about things I don’t know, which is as important as the things we do know, I think.

    The complete switch to HD television is awhile off yet, but HD TV is now available in NZ, both through satellite and through ground-based antennae (it’s digital, of course, so HD customers will get better reception than non-HD).

    Michael: Thank you so much, mein lieber Freund! It’s fair to say that I know more about the Faroe Islands than I did before this episode, but, like I said in response to Archerr, it’s because I did my research. Kim did enjoy it, from what she posted on her blog. Those translators can be fun, but, sadly, they’re not perfect!

    (F)reddy: That’s fantastic that you guys travel—it really is among the most educational things that people can do (and it’s fun, too). So, international travellers, are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Hm?

    Ann: Thanks! Just between us, until I did my research, I wasn’t even sure where the Faroe Islands are located! Thanks, too, for the info on the visa application. Civil Unions were adopted in 2005, so I wonder if the experience (red tape) has changed since then. But it’s also possible that it does depend on where you apply.

    Thanks for listening—and always feel free to comment or make suggestions on things I should discuss!

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