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It’s time again for a political podcast with Jason, but this one starts out with a special announcement. From there, it’s on to talk of Obama’s recent tour and McCain’s reaction to it, Condoleeza Rice in New Zealand and the Pacific, and then on to the vice presidential sweepstakes. We also talk about the scandals at the US Justice Department, and another story in the news that has nothing to do with politics.

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The next political podcast with Jason is tentatively scheduled for posting on Friday, August 29 New Zealand time.

Special thanks to Ryan of The Way We See It podcast for the voicemail that opens today’s episode. I’ll go over all comments next time (this episode was running a bit long).

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4 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 105 – Monthly Politics

  1. Arthur – I guess I was waiting for you guys to go out on as limb and say who McCain was going to pick, rather than pretty much eliminate all of the picks. Ah, well. And Charlie Crist, the newly-married, is now in your mix; you had dismissed him a few months ago, when I had suggested him. But you didn’t even suggest an Obama veep! That was what I was hoping for, something along the lines of – self-serving plug here – this:
    Still, some interesting points. Ta.

  2. Interesting conversation. I am not hopeful that the Bush/Cheney will ever be punished for the stealing and abuse of the constitution. I would like to think that if Obama is elected (pleeeeeeeeeease, God!) that they would seek something like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that happened in South Africa.

    Quite honestly, I don’t think the Democrats have the balls to do it. Only people as vile as Newt Gingritch, Karl Rove, and Cheney are willing to play politics as dirty and divisive as the Republicans. I don’t even have the confidence that we will find out how the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen from the American people.


    Now, I’m all riled up!

  3. Roger: Yeah, I just wasn’t prepared to go out on a limb about who either will pick because I just don’t have any idea. I can guess who it COULD be, but may not even be right about that. I was suggesting, if obliquely, that Obama may want Nagel for a variety of reasons. I will say, however, that I’ll be looking hard at both VP candidates to avoid another Dick Cheney.

    JQP: I agree with you, but I also doubt it’ll happen. The proponents of impeachment have argued that it’s the only way to get at the whole truth, but it must be too late for that by now in practical terms, let alone for political reasons. Good that you’re riled up—use that energy for the November elections!

    Ann: I should’ve put a link in the shownotes. I’ll be sure to include it in the shownotes for episode 106.

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