AmeriNZ 280 – Nearing Winter

I begin today by talking about a New Zealand thing that occurred to me just before I started recording. Then, I conclude a story I talked about last time, one that only concluded in the middle of last week. I mention a Christchurch heritage building charity, and looked it up before posting this episode (link below). And other stuff, too.

At the end, there’s a mention of Pride 48.

Links for this episode
Parliament TV – New Zealand Parliament steams on sitting days. Question Time is Tues-Weds 2pm-3pm New Zealand time, whenever Parliament is sitting. The Twitter hashtag for Question Time is #nzqt.
Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Buildings Fund – The charity I mentioned that’s raising money to save heritage buildings in Christchurch; donations are matched by the government dollar for dollar.
Adoption “not on the agenda” Key says – (some ads may be NSFW)
Pink Wheelnuts – Fey Driver’s podcast
The Satyrsphere – Scott’s podcast
Ongline Podcast – John Ong’s podcast
Pride 48 blog

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