AmeriNZ 284 – Warmer

I had a chance to record a short episode, so I grabbed it! You may be sorry. I start with an update to an earlier report, talking about Christchurch. Next, it’s a bit about a couple stories in the US that are quite different here. A comment lets me talk about New Zealand’s general lack of anti-Semitism. I also get to talk more about the NZ Census!

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 284 – Warmer

  1. The hero worship of “the troops” makes the Supreme Court ruling so infuriating to so many.
    Frankly, I’ve been less worried about governments using Census records to have a pogrom in the US because of our confidentiality laws. For instance, the post office helps Census find addresses in the US, BUT Census CAN’T help the post office or the IRS or Immigration identify addresses.

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