AmeriNZ 285 – Better

This is just an update podcast: Today and this week are both better, and even the weather got better. Yep, had some good developments this week—and one not so good one that still turned out okay. Once again, comments let me expand on topics. There’s even an easter egg this episode.

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Arthur and Paul Talk – our new podcast. The site has subscription information.
Roadshow lessons – My blog post on the Adobe Roadshow

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 285 – Better

  1. The US Census is available after 72 years. The 1940 Census was released on April 2, 2012. A boon to genealogists.

    But you can find, from my city’s website, not only when my wife and I bought the house, what we paid for it, but the various banks we’ve dealt with in terms of mortgages.
    As a quasi-state employee, my salary can be found on another website.

    Oh, your recent podcast titles remind me of the Elton John album Made in England. All the songs, except for the title track, had one-word names. Arthur’s Made in Illinois.

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