We’re heading into the final weekend of the 2008 Election Campaign, so we start off talking about recent events, including Barack’s 30-minute broadcast, early voting, voting machines, vote fraud and we even have an election night tip. We eventually move on to talking about various ballot initiatives, and when we get to talking about Proposition 8 in California, I really get on my soapbox. Should there be some sort of penalty for those who use lies in a political campaign, like those trying to end same-sex marriage in California have done? I don’t think that ads using lies should be allowed, but Jason is more dubious. Later, after comments, we start talking about the notion that politicians are never allowed to admit mistakes, so they have to stick with bad ideas no matter what. All of which are the sorts of things we’ll be talking about once this election is finally over.

Next political chat will be on Election Eve.

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