AmeriNZ 307 – Selfie

AmeriNZ_Podcast_Ep307A new year, and my birthday is over. An audio clip about that begins this episode before I go on to talking about what we did on our summer holiday. We didn’t do much, really! It was good, though. Toward the end, I talk about some of the things I’m planning for this year. I’ll be making videos, just not quite yet—well, not ones with me in them, at least, because I may do some other ones. You may notice that I’m putting my stuff under my name, rather than my “AmeriNZ” brand. I talk about that evolution.

There are several ways to send me an audio message—this earlier post lists them.

Links for this episode
Summer Sunday – Our visit to Birkenhead Wharf
In praise of Star Wars ‘Machete Order’

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