AmeriNZ 310 – Winterish

amerinz_podcast_150x150After a little bit of weather talk, I begin the first topic, a recap of my periodontal procedures. More recently, I had a gout attack in my hand. Sigh. Then, I talk about a couple things in the New Zealand news and one from Australia, too.

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Links for this episode
“Tooth tales” – My post on the first procedure
“Root of my problem” – the second procedure
“Dictating the future” – My blog post where I talk about the gout attack
“A crime in the neighbourhood” – My blog post last year on the murder
“Blessie Gotingco trial: Guilty of rape and murder”Stuff
The NZ flag – your chance to decide – NZ Government page on the referendum
“[Australian] Labor [Party] to introduce bill legalising gay marriage”The New Daily

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