AmeriNZ 321 – Seasons

AmeriNZ_Podcast_EP321_1400x1400-EDITThis episode was recorded on Tuesday, but I couldn’t post it until today due to major problems with this site. The problems were kind of complicated, though ultimately simple to fix, but it took me two days to figure it out. And I think I have.

This is now the tenth season of the AmeriNZ Podcast, but that’s not the only reason this episode is called “Seasons”. Today’s main topic is about why that is, and what turns out to have been the main reason I struggled so much to record new episodes.

But first, last time I said I’d blog about the final results of the second NZ Flag Referendum, and a link to that is in the shownotes for this episode. There really wasn’t any change from the results of the preliminary results.

We’re also in the midst of our local elections. My friend Richard Hills is a candidate for re-election to our Local Board, and is also running for Auckland Council.

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Links for this episode
“The final word” – My blog post on the final results of the second flag referendum.
“Endorsing around” – My blog post on my support for Richard Hills.
“We all make plans” – My blog post on my recent adventure.

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4 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 321 – Seasons

  1. Hey Arthur,
    I’m so sorry that I didn’t know about your situation until I listened to your latest Podcast this morning. I’m so glad to know that you are doing better and that the excellent health care you received resolved the issue. I was in Texas for 3 and 1/2 weeks dealing with my Mom’s health care issues in June/July and I’ve been swamped with catch up with work projects since I returned to DC last month. I haven’t been on Twitter very much lately.

    Keep getting better and I would love to have you and Jason join us on my Podcast in the future if you are interested!


  2. Thanks, Tim! Yeah, everything happened so fast there really wasn’t any time to think, let alone say anything. But all’s well that ends well! It would be great if we could arrange that—I’ll talk with Jason.

    Thanks again!

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