amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016Change is continuing in the New Zealand election campaign, so much so that I could almost do a daily podcast on it and not run out of material. A lot has changed since my last podcast episode, and I mainly talk about that today. This episode has 98% less talk about the details of political polls!

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Links for this episode
”Something’s not right” – My detailed blog post on what’s wrong with the reporting on a recent poll
“The support is there” – My blog post on where the Greens’ support went
“Season of change” – My blog post on why a Labour/Greens government may happen
“Labour, Greens and Māori Party ‘could change the world’ – Marama Fox” – Newshub
”Peter Dunne to stand down” – Another major change in the election
”Jacinda Ardern: No surprise at Greens’ Ohariu call”New Zealand Herald
“Storm erupts over Gareth Morgan’s ‘lipstick on a pig’
New Zealand Herald
“Cat fight” – My blog post on Gareth Morgan’s crusade against cats
“AmeriNZ 295 – Waiting” – The 2013 podcast episode where I talked about Gareth Morgan’s crusade against cats
“Opening the books has changed the election campaign trail”Stuff’s piece on the opening of the financial books
“First Labour Party ad” – My blog post about the first ad (with video)
“New speed limit of 110km/h for some key New Zealand expressways”New Zealand Herald

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