New phone comment number

I’ve set up a new K7 phone number for phone comments: 206-666-5172.

These numbers have to be used at least once every 30 days or the number is forfeited. That’s what happened to me: I got a message from Tom the Ramble Redhead around Thanksgiving (thanks Tom!), and the 30 days were up around Christmas—a time I was a bit too busy to think about calling my number. I once had to call the number to keep it active, and that was actually 31 days after the previous call (whew!). No such luck this time. I’ve put it on my calendar to remind me to call it if no one else does.

I thought about just forgetting about it, as I said on New Year’s Day, but some people use it who never leave written comments and I didn’t want to cut off a way for people to participate. The only alternative to K7 that I could find was Skype, but that’s pretty expensive—especially compared to the free K7 service.

So, it’s all sorted for now.


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