AmeriNZ 138 – Politicast for Inauguration Week

Jason and I are back with our first political chat of the year. I tried to improve the sound a bit this episode, with mixed results (I think Jason sounds better and I sound worse, and the file size was much too big). At any rate, I’m working to improve things.

In addition to the upcoming inauguration and the departure of Bush (finally!!!), we also share some news about what we’re up to. I’ll keep working on the sound, and I think the next political chat will be better still. The next one will be in early February.

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 138 – Politicast for Inauguration Week

  1. I greatly enjoyed this episode.

    For some reason Jason saying “‘Afternoon’ is from 12:01 to 5:59 so we’re gonna need some more specific information!” sent me into a giggle fit.

    That being said, I listened to the bit about your plans for differentiating the political podcasts from the regular podcasts about three times and I still have no idea what the heck you’re actually going to be doing :). Either way good luck and you have my blessings.


  2. Yes, that was a bit confusing, partly because it’s up the air a bit. We intended on spinning-off the political chats into its own podcast with its own feed, site, etc. But with the Civil Union and stuff, I got a bit busy.

    The show will be similar to what we’ve been doing, talking about mostly US politics, with some international stuff and some things that are more just what they used to call “current events”. Among other things, we’ll have guests.

    More specific details to follow as we finalise things.

  3. A really great show and I am sorry I am so behind on my comments – at the time I was so excited about Obama swearing in and wish I could have been there.

    It was such an amazing day and it will be something I will never forget!

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