AmeriNZ 139 – Big Week

This is my last podcast as a (legally) single man! It’s a big week with the Inauguration, my birthday and our Civil Union. So today I talk about this week, and what some of those things mean to me. There are phone comments today, too—birthday presents, really, because my comment line phone number is now secured to the middle of February. Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 139 – Big Week

  1. Arthur

    Here is to you on your birthday! Here is to Obama and wish him all the best!

    Here is to both you and Nigel on your upcoming civil union – it is amazing how you two met and it so wonderful you have such a wonderful partnership filled with love!

    I wish I could be there to help celebrate and hope you will have video of the wonderful event or at least 50,000 pictures!!! 🙂

  2. Happy weddings to youuu
    Happy weddings to youuuu
    Happy weddings dear Aaaaarthuuuuuuur
    Happy weddings to youuuuuuu!

    I am looking forward to pictures and celebration, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person.


  3. Your discussion of the meaning of your ceremony, particularly in light of your past work, made me weep a bit. Congrats. You deserve your happiness.

    Yes, we want pictures.

  4. Arthur, this was a really great episode. I really enjoyed hearing you open up and giving us a more personal look at your life. This is one of my favorite episodes. Congratulations on your nuptials and happy birthday!

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