AmeriNZ 140 – Perfect Day

Today I talk about our Civil Union and how our day went: It was a perfect day. I share various things from that day. Then, is my podcast too political? Survey says… Comments and more close out this episode. I may not be back again until next week.

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My blog post about our Civil Union

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5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 140 – Perfect Day

  1. I have seen pictures and they are glorious and happy. It is so wonderful that you had the perfect day 😀

    I also saw yet another podcaster describing how one-star reviews are insidious and ridiculous and don’t warrant any attention… and taking ten minutes to do it (thereby giving whoever wrote it a lot of (albeit oblique) attention).

    This isn’t so much a criticism of Arthur or the other podcasters, as it is the insidiousness of one star reviews, because they seem to make people talk about them even if what people say how nobody should talk about them.

    I feel like we need to set up “One-Star Review club” (First rule: nobody should talk about their one-star reviews). Either way, I love your take on the iTunes reviews, and if you have been following my podcast, you’ll see that I consider the space more useful as a recipe database than a place for any sort of useful feedback.

    But I digress. You didn’t have to sing, just figured I would be a bit silly, as is my wont.


  2. Arthur – about politics. Surely you know that your “stock, standard liberal” answers are an anethema to many conservatives.

    Moreover, and I say this entirely from that point of view, not mine, that your “homosexual lifestyle” is propeling the “gay agenda”.

    The problem – and I avoid this in my blog more than you do in your blog/podcast – is that just asking for what’s right IS, by necessity, political. In this podcast you talked about marriages or civil unions being “recognized by the government where they live.” I doubt you would consider this a political post, but political indeed it was, as it addressed the issues of justice and equality. And if that POV is not in keeping with your critics, indeed you ARE too political. Not for me, by any means, but to those who will despise you just for being who you are, it may be. Your “26% political”, I believe, is actually a lot higher if one reframes the criteria.

  3. Hey Arthur,
    Sounds like your union ceremony and birthday were really awesome. Congrats again on both! The pictures on the blog show the joy in both you and Nigel’s faces and that made me smile!

  4. Epilonious: While I don’t intend to talk about these reviews again, I do have to say that the recipe database idea is a great one. If we can’t top reviews that have no meaning, then let’s make them mean something.

    Roger: I completely agree with you, and you’re right: If you include any episode where I’ve taken for granted the correctness of GLBT equality, the percentage of “political” episodes would be higher, even if it wasn’t political per se. In the case of the “reviewer”, he/she wants us to at least think s/he is a gay man (the pseudonym combines a stereotypical “gay” name with the telephone area code for San Francisco). For a real person like that, even one who is or is posing as right wing, not all of my pro-gay stuff would necessarily be against what he/she would support, and it was that hypothetical person—a supposedly gay male conservative—that had me wondering what was “too political”, and in any case, no rational person could argue that for a gay person ALL of my episodes were political, as the “reviewer” alleged.

    Tim: Thanks! They were awesome—and they made January my best month ever. Glad you liked the photos.

    Archerr: Thanks! It was definitely a great day!

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