AmeriNZ 141 – Do Know Peter

I was a blogger before I was a podcaster, and before that I was a listener and blog reader. I met today’s guest, Peter (aka epilonious) of the They Don’t Know podcast through blog/podcast comments and have gotten to know him since then. Our interactions have sometimes been, um, intense, but for him it’s been even more so with others. So I asked him why he does it, given those reactions. This leads to a wider discussion of blogs/forums and commenting generally, and how things can go wrong. Turns out, we do share some fundamental attitudes, which is probably one of the reasons we’re friends. That, and he’s wacky and fun.

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 141 – Do Know Peter

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  2. God. I cannot beLIEVE you had this jackass on your show. There was this time he was on another site and didn’t agree with everyone else and… ugh, I don’t want to go into it here.

    Otherwise, I had a lovely time being on your show, and I loved chatting with you about life, the internet, and everything :D. I also enjoyed your take on the comments.

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