They Don’t Know, but Peter does

I made a reciprocal visit to Peter’s They Don’t Know podcast where we talked about all sorts of things, including cars! If you know me, you’ll know how bizarre that is. It was a lot of fun talking with Peter for my podcast, and the fun continued on his. Just goes to show, you start interacting with people on the Internet and you may just end up with a friend.

So feel free to head over to Peter’s site to listen his latest episode and leave a comment there. Or here. Podcasters just want to to be loved, don’t you know… (and that’s officially the end of my making lame jokes out of the The Don’t Know podcast name, uh, I think).


One thought on “They Don’t Know, but Peter does

  1. Greetings Arthur, just stopped by to say how much I enjoyed your podcast with Peter. Excellent show. And I agree with both of you that many people take too many things online TOO SERIOUSLY. I’ve heard a saying once, no one can make you mad unless you allow them. It’s your power of choice not theirs. Ok, enough preaching from the peanut gallery (me). Love the show.

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