AmeriNZ 355 – Sun cents

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016Not for the first time, I decided to re-record because I didn’t like what I’d done. This time, that allowed me to add more stuff to talk about..

After the Covid and NZ news, I update where things are at with my solar energy system. After that, I talk about my recent guest spot on ArcherRadio. That leads me to talk about some changes I’m going to make in what I do on this podcast.

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Links for this episode
“COVID-19: Vaccine data” – This is the official data from the NZ Ministry of Health, updated weekly.
“Estimated population of NZ” – This is the source of the population estimate I use to work out the percentage of New Zealanders who have been vaccinated. It is from States NZ, a NZ Government entity, and the estimate is updated every three months.
“Covid-19: Man who flew from Perth during lockdown now in managed isolation”Stuff
“Brisbane Airport green zone breach traveller tests positive for Covid-19”RNZ
“Covid-19: Air NZ reports bubble breach as Rarotonga traveller connects direct to Perth”Stuff
“India travel ban lifts as New Zealanders stuck there
plead for help to get them home”
“Sun cents” – My blog post about the PV solar energy system that I talked about.

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 355 – Sun cents

  1. Here may be a different take on your grief journey and the pachyderm: it may be that because you had been so open about telling us the important issues in your life that, since you hadn’t brought that topic up, maybe you weren’t thinking about that topic yet.

    One of the great illusions I know about blogging is that if you tell some personal stuff, people think you’re telling EVERYTHING, which, of course, I’m not.

  2. It’s certainly true that bloggers don’t tell everything—I doubt anyone does. I used to be silent on a lot more than I am now, but I still don’t talk about absolutely everything. I also think you’re right about the pachyderm, but there’s also another dimension to it, which will also take some explaining.

  3. Maybe most bloggers don’t share everything, but it FEELS as though some folks – with a whole lot more followers than you and I – share excessively on social media, occasionally to their detriment.

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