AmeriNZ 142 – Strange Days

It’s been a bit unusual lately, especially the tropical weather in Auckland. But the big news here has been the Australian bush fires. I tell you a bit about that, especially New Zealand’s response. A voicemail lets me talk about schools in New Zealand and also whether it’s easier for GLBT people here than in the US. It’s a multi-faceted episode today!

Link for this episode:
Australian Red Cross bush fire donation site

New Zealand Red Cross bush fire donation site

Economists dismiss unexpected increase in employment figures

Govt confirms $500m for roads, housing, education

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 142 – Strange Days

  1. It occurred to me that your feeling about being gay in NZ is not unlike how many “minorities” feel when they are with each other, with no need to look over the shoulder. I’m packing NOW! OK, not really, but it IS a lovely notion.

  2. I actually experienced some of that while living in Chicago, but even there it wasn’t totally “safe”. Here, we live far from any sort of recognised gay community (insofar as Auckland even has one), but I still feel completely safe.

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