AmeriNZ 362 – Changes aplenty

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016New Zealand has just made some changes to our Covid-19 rules, and more are on the way. That’s my main topic today, together with my view on why it’s a good idea, as well as the reasons it’s necessary. I also have a brief update about my previous episode. Back on Monday! (NZ time, of course…)

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Links for this episode
Changes again (again) – My blog post on the changes
Changes to the traffic light system – Unite Against Covid-19 (NZ government site)
Reopening the New Zealand border – Immigration New Zealand (NZ government site)


2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 362 – Changes aplenty

  1. I still love those non-American terms you’ve adopted. I can’t remember which podcast, this one or the next because I listened to them back to back. But you said that Nigel was “shoulder-tapped” to take a job. Of course, I know tapping someone on the shoulder to select someone, but I had never heard the verb shoulder-tapped.

  2. There are so many phrases, and even individual words, that I can only perceive/understand in an NZ way. Similarly, sometimes I struggle to find the American way to put something—and, worse, every now and then the way I would put it has been replaced by newer Americanisms. Assimilation: Resistance is futile.

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