AmeriNZ 385 – ‘Wet, whiny, inward-looking country’

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016Lots of weirdness in New Zealand since the last episode. New Zealand’s Leader of the Opposition made yet another really stupid remark and has been desperately trying to spin it since—unsuccessfully. He has a habit of saying really dumb things. A public meeting in New Zealand was taken over by conspiracy theorists. An online reporter for RNZ edited wire service stories to promote Russian propaganda, among other odd things. RNZ is still investigating. In positive news, I recently had routine health evaluations and everything was okay.

Then, I talk about my personal organisation system after using it for three months. Has it worked?

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Links for this episode
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”’I’ve never seen it to that extent’ – city leaders flee conspiracy mob”Waikato Times
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”Remember when politicians used to kiss babies and do walkabouts?”Stuff
”RNZ Editorial Audit”RNZ
”Inappropriate RNZ edits review expands to China, Israel stories”Stuff
”Resetting my healthcare gauges” – My blog post on my recent health evaluations

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