AmeriNZ 16 – Feedback Interaction

Episode 16 is now available. You can also listen to it through the player on the right hand side of my blog, or on my MySpace page.

Today I talk mostly about feedback, both by email and the comments from Episode 15.

First, though, I clarify a couple things about the “No Nukes” topic, inspired in part by the summary on

An expat American emailed me with some confusion over the extent of poverty in New Zealand. There isn’t homelessness in New Zealand as Americans understand the word, but there are poor people. I explain how the request for donations addresses that (or doesn’t). Overall, the poverty in New Zealand is different than in America, but in New Zealand cities it may be similar to American cities of a similar size.

After that, there’s an extended discussion of the comments from Episode 15, one of which is quite long. These provide me with the opportunity to go into more detail about the topics discussed.

What about personal responsibility? Do people who bring harm onto themselves through bad deeds still deserve the full support of society?

New people on my Frappr! I also give a little more info about what’s coming in future podcasts.

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