AmeriNZ 399 – For years

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016It’s been a reflective time for me lately, with some anniversaries and the Pride 48 live-streaming weekend. I talk about all that first, then it’s on to some stuff in the New Zealand news. Next week: Episode 400!!!

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Links for this episode
“208 weeks, but not a year” – My first blog post about “The Horrible Anniversary”
“The fourth horrible anniversary” – My post about this year’s “The Horrible Anniversary”
“Streaming nostalgia” – My blog post about the Pride 48 weekend
”Pukaki Downs fire: ‘Huge relief’ as rain falls and wind dies down” – Radio New Zealand
”Queenstown’s wettest day in 24 years as rain lashes South Island” – 1 News (TVNZ)
”Queenstown cryptosporidium outbreak: Residents face ‘months’ of boil water notice” – Radio New Zealand
”Wild weather: State of emergency in Southland, warnings in place for wider South Island” – Radio New Zealand

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