AmeriNZ 400 – 6,028 days

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016This is the 400th episode of the AmeriNZ Podcast!!! Who’d ever have guessed I’d make it? It only took me 6,028 days… I talk about all that first, then what I’ve been up to since last week’s episode. This episode is also 18 weeks in a row, actually.

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Links for this episode
“Unusually busy me” – My blog post about my recent weekend
“A history of daylight saving in NZ” – 1 News (TVNZ)

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 400 – 6,028 days

  1. While I agree anniversaries are a better gauge of longevity, 400 is definitely something. The most Arthur thing in this podcast is you reciting the number of years and days between ep 1 and 100, 100-200, et al.

  2. I agree, obviously—or else I may not have mentioned the fact it was the 400th episode at all. When I sat down at my computer and typed my data (after re-checking it…), I thought to myself something along the lines of what you said, and I thought I should say it when I recorded. Then, I forgot. There are times I wish I used a script—but, then, if I wouldn’t have it to bring up in episode 401, so there’s that.

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