AmeriNZ 405 – Pensive week

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016I had a reflective week or two because of the anniversary this past week: Tuesday was the tent anniversary of the day Nigel and I were married, and Thursday was the 28th anniversary of the day in 1995 that I arrived in New Zealand to live, the day that Nigel and I began our life together. I talk about that first. Then, I talk about the final results of New Zealand’s General Election, and some of what that means. I also tell you the truth about what the results actually show, a view not usually presented by pundits and commentators.

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Links for this episode
“Ten years married” – My blog post about our 10th marriage anniversary
“Twenty-eight years later” – A post on our “main anniversary”
“2023 General Election – Official Result” – Electoral Commission New Zealand
“When will the government actually get back to work again?”Stuff
“Special Votes: National and ACT lose majority in largest ever Parliament”RNZ

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