AmeriNZ 17 – Happy Birthday Magna Carta

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Today is the792nd birthday of Magna Carta. On this day in 1215, King John signed Magna Carta, which went on to become one of the influences for constitutions throughout the English-speaking world, including the US. The version we usually think of is the version from John’s son Henry III who reissued it in 1225. His son, Edward I, had his Parliament reissue it again in 1297.

Magna Carta established the right to habeas corpus and the right to due process. Most of the rest dealt with feudal issues relating specifically to the Middle Ages. George Bush has pushed America back toward the Middle Ages with his assault on both habeas corpus and due process.

From there, it’s on to an overview of New Zealand’s government as I get ready to start talking about how Parliament is elected. What are Kiwis’ most popular movies of all time? The worst? Check out the lists at Comments are followed by my take on personal responsibility as the flipside of personal freedom. Should drugs be legalised? Finally, I have an announcement about an upcoming episode.

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