AmeriNZ 148 – Food

amerinz_podcast_150x150It’s day two of my Anniversary Week. Today I start with updates on things I’ve talked about in previous episodes—including just yesterday. Cheese-in-a-can comes up again, as it were, which leads into a larger discussion of food. Yep, the AmeriNZ Podcast, where you’ll hear about the things no one else will tell you.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a 2Political episode, and I plan to be back on Thursday with another AmeriNZ Podcast, followed by my Second Anniversary on Friday.

Mentioned today:
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1 thought on “AmeriNZ 148 – Food

  1. I love discussions of food — I’m into it big time. It doesn’t sound like there was a tremendous adjustment on your part coming from the Midwest.

    Are there other foods that you really miss besides the famous pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving? Are you a fairly easy eater? or are you a picky eater? What about Nigel? Does he have a lot of things that he doesn’t like to eat? Do you split the cooking chores or does one of you take the lead here?

    Did you mention Mexican (well Mexican-type) food? You did mention pizza. My experience was that pizza in Europe was very different from the pizza here.

    You mention the trend toward lots of vegetables. My experience with Midwesterners is that vegetables are corn, peas, and green beans — not much past that. Do you have a lot of variety and do you and Nigel eat a lot of vegetables? We all know that we won’t have to worry about Archerr eating so many vegetables to cause any kind of world-wide shortage!

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