AmeriNZ 150 – Two Years

amerinz_podcast_150x150Two years! Today’s episode would have had an audio file, similar to episode one, but it couldn’t happen. I talk briefly about that subject before moving onto the breaking news I alluded to last time (and Jake makes an appearance in the background). From there, it’s on to anniversarium comments and more comments. I actually received some as I was working on this episode, so I finish it after a few wines—good move or not? You be the judge. In any event, the number of messages I received kinda changed the way I did this episode, but I don’t mind at all. Thank you for two years of wonderful times. I deeply appreciate it!

Things I forgot!
Use Your Noodle.
Kim Beaver’s Lodge.

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7 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 150 – Two Years

  1. Such a wonderful episode! I’m totally speechless! Good editing, content, and, of course, an excellent host! SIX stars (to counter any one-star reviews some idiot will put on) 🙂

  2. I forgot to put in my comment for this episode that I loved what you had to say at the very end of the show. Sure you would like to have millions listening and commenting on your show but the bottom line is that if you make one connection or make one person think about something you said and it had an impact then that is all that matters.

    We all have our reasons for doing our shows but often the people no matter where they come from are really special and help make this process at least for me something I will never forget. Joe and I will always have a special memory of being able to meet with you and thank you for your friendship.

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