2PP008 – 05 June 2009

2PP_Album_art_smallAs always, we begin with Jason’s special days, but today we have a VERY special day! From there, it’s a discussion of the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor. What do we think about the Supreme Court make-up? Arthur watched Faux News, and that relates to the president’s trip to the Mideast. Arthur corrects Faux News, which is easy to do. Arthur has a special adventure to share, one that relates to our previous episode.

After the discussion, we have comments on our previous episode. That raises topics we discuss. Join the discussion!

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Back in 2 weeks!

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National Accordion Awareness Month
Hristo Botev Day
Hristo Botev Day
Tiananmen Square Massacre
Arthur will be part of Pride48, which begins at 7pm Eastern US time on June 26.
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One thought on “2PP008 – 05 June 2009

  1. I know this will shock you but I loved this show.

    It was interesting that you went to check out the other sites and had the reaction you did.

    As far as comments I have been doing my podcast for the past three years and have had my share of love and warming comments (insert snaky comment here) but you have to just let it go and keep doing what you are doing.

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