AmeriNZ 161 – Have and Have Not

amerinz_podcast_150x150Today I talk first about a couple expat-related things, and I share one of the biggest realities of being an expat. Then, it’s the main topic—talking about some of the things we have/don’t have in New Zealand vs. the US. That means I can tell you more about life in New Zealand. Comments let me give some updates on Pride 48.

I will be live-streaming on Pride 48 at 3AM EDT (USA) Saturday, June 27 and again 4AM EDT (USA) Sunday, June 28. If you go to you can see the complete schedule, and even change the times listed to your local time zone.

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NZ is number one among (some) expats

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 161 – Have and Have Not

  1. Hi Arthur,

    I think every expat’s list of “have/ don’t have” is different, so I couldn’t resist adding some of mine that you didn’t mention. (It’s possible some of these are available in Auckland, but not in Wellington where I live.)

    Don’t have:
    pop tarts
    (proper) doughnuts
    American-style cheddar cheese (Kiwi cheddar is completely different!)
    Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs

    BBC shows on DVD (It would be sad if I never got to see the new Doctor Who or Hotel Babylon).
    Really good local beer (Montieth’s, Tuatara, etc.)
    Egg’s Benedict available at every cafe

    … to name a few!

    Thanks for another great show. As an expat, it’s nice to hear ‘the long view’ from someone whose been here a lot longer than me.

  2. I loved hearing about the foods in NZ. You didn’t say, but I assume you would have had a difficult time adjusting if you were a picky eater — which means that you are a fairly adventurous eater? Are there foods that you and Nigel completely disagree on — he perhaps because he grew up with them and you haven’t been able “to go there?”

  3. Another great show – very interesting!

    I thought your point was great when it came to why you are leaving one place to go to another. I have talked with friends over the years who felt that if they moved to a new place things would be different but often they have the same problems just farther away.

    It is amazing the things that you don’t have in NZ but as I am sure with time you have learned to adapt and as I have to go from eating meat to trying vegetarian food but I still do miss certain items.


    The only type of bacon I used to like is CRISPY CRISPY!

    Thanks for the shout out!

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