AmeriNZ 174 – Live Chat Premier

The premier episode of weekly chats streamed out live over (and recorded for later posting) begins 24-hours from now. The live show will be every Thursday at 8PM (Eastern time in North America, 12 Noon Friday in New Zealand). The premier episode will be two hours long, but the regular weekly episodes will normally be one hour.

The premier episode starts with a chat with Jeffrey Taylor, former podcaster, vlogger and American expat. All of this is directly related to the AmeriNZ Podcast.

Jeffrey is now working with prominent members of the Videoblogging Community to create a non-profit supporting web video artists, documentarians and investigative reporters, and will be speaking at VideoCamp SF (October 16-17). He’s also been active in the movement to repeal California’s Proposition 8 in 2010 and he’ll be attending the March for Equality.

We’ll talk about all that, and especially about the March and the 2010 effort to repeal Prop 8.

In part two (approx 9pm eastern, 1pm NZ), we’ll be joined in a live chat by others to talk more about these topics. Is pushing our agenda now a good idea, or should we wait? Could either the March or a 2010 repeal effort harm the GLBT communities? Or, do these offer a unique chance to advance equality? Can we accomplish anything with the nation fixated on healthcare reform and the economy? Or, does that make this the perfect time? What do you think?

Join us tomorrow for a live, freewheeling discussion.

Note: My Skype username is “amerinz”, which you’ll need to participate in the group chat.


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