AmeriNZ 2 – Two too

AmeriNZ_Podcast_150x150.jpgThanks to everyone who downloaded my first podcast—I really appreciate it! Special thanks to those of you who gave me feedback, either through comments here or by email.

This week, it’s a holiday-cast, recorded on a public holiday. The Easter holidays are way different in New Zealand. Shop trading hours are a major one.

Breakfast interview with Ali Clarke, author of Holiday Seasons: Christmas, New Year and Easter in Nineteenth Century New Zealand (Auckland University Press, ISBN 9781869403829). Waikato Times review of the book.

I talk about things that Americans notice, along with some language differences. Do I have an accent? “How to Speak Kiwi” from Kia Ora… Bitches!, the blog of another expat American.

New Zealand National Anthem info is here. My first podcast show notes are here.

A big thank you to these people who’ve been particularly encouraging and supportive:

Kalvin of Hello Waffles (the midwife to my podcast)

Archerr of

Mike Hipp of

JayT of JayT Online and Real Men Wear Pink

Tim Corrimal of Go Rainbow Radio and There Are Some Who Call Me Tim

Andrew of iSay iSay iSay

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