AmeriNZ 39 – Friends and Neighbours

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It’s been a very busy few days since Episode 38. Among other things, I was a guest on CallBox7. I also made my first-ever guest post on another site, Slap Upside the Head.

Today, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed the Australian Parliament, the first Canadian Prime Minister to do so. He made some comparisons of Canada with Australia that were more apt as a comparison of Canada with New Zealand. He also talked about 9/11.

Meanwhile, NZ and the US have taken small steps toward closer relations.

Also, a foreign government hacked NZ government computers. Some famous people died. Results of my movie poll, feedback and more.

Update: Podomatic did something odd with the upload of this episode, starting the file again after about three minutes. So, feel free to skip the first three minutes to avoid hearing it again. It’s not often that the uploaded file turns out different from the finished version sitting on my computer, but it has happened before. Not my fault, exactly, but probably in keeping with my luck lately.

Update 2: Australian Prime Minister John Howard has avoided a challenge to his leadership of his party and will remain prime minister. Pundits say it’s likely that Howard will lead his right wing coalition government into the upcoming Australian elections in which he will face the Australian Labor Party under Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd. Opinion polls currently have Howard’s team running about 15 points behind the ALP.

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