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Today was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, and I put together a short podcast to keep up with things. First up it’s a brief look at Dominion Day and the evolution of New Zealand from colony to country. Bush’s bonehead promise to veto S-Chip leads me into a short talk abut healthcare in New Zealand. Then it’s comments and a new Frappr Mappr. Shownotes with links at my blog,

This past week New Zealand had its sort-of birthday. Dominion Day was Wednesday the 26th and marks the date 100 years agao when NZ became a dominion, not a colony. New Zealand now steers a pretty independent course.

One day, New Zealand will become a republic, as the leaders or all the main parties agree.

I added a poll here on my blog asking which, if any, of the NZ authors listed you’ve actually read. You don’t need to have FINISHED what you were reading, just started it. If you haven’t read any of them, put that.

This week I heard in the news that Bush has promised to veto the extension of the S-CHIP insurance programme. Yet another example of why that man is an idiot. One month of the spending on his Iraq war would more than fund S-CHIP.

Here in New Zealand, no one needs to go without healthcare, and no one will ever be bankrupted because they get sick or have an accident.

Also: 6 die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes

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