2 thoughts on “Live AmeriNZ Podcast cancelled

  1. Whew! As long as it’s only this one show, we can all make it. I mistakenly inferred from the title that you were calling a halt to *all* of your live shows! I’m glad I read on to the body of the article before calling the Podcast Anonymous Support Group hotline lol

    2009 hasn’t been a stellar year for many things, including some of my favourite podcasts. I’d hate the thought of losing one of the best out there.

    Unfortunately of late, due to my schedule, I’m mostly just a Larry the Lurker (props to the Fat One), but an avid listener who never misses an episode. Thank you for all you do, Arthur. Your blog posts & podcasts are always a pleasure to read & hear.

    Hope you and yours have a great holiday season. Looking forward to your next episode!


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